ActivityPod is activity tracking made simple.

If your company's greatest asset is your people, then increasing their focus and productivity may be your best opportunity for growth, efficiency and a more envious bottom line.

Are Your People Focused on the Right Activities, the Right Way?
It’s easy for people to get caught up in doing activities that aren't always important to success in their role. Your people can become easily distracted, procrastinate doing the right activities because they feel overwhelmed and instead spend their time doing the 'fun stuff' first, consistently have to slow down to re-prioritize, and have no accountability measures in place.

ActivityPod, Your Company's Next Super App

ActivityPod allows institutions and their managers to build activity plans, track performance and as a result achieve measurable success like never before. It ensures that your organization’s people focus their efforts on activities that build success and provide your organization with a simple system to hold them accountable. ActivityPod allows you to create unlimited activity trackers and tracker templates with powerful reporting.



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